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Professional Tree Planting

Certified Arborist

Clear Cut Group Tree Planting Services are completed by Certified Arborists. A Certified Arborist is a qualified technician that has the knowledge to discuss and suggest what type of trees to plant and where. We have the equipment necessary to plant a small tree to a more mature tree on your property.

Need a new tree planted?

Did you complete some construction that forced you to remove some trees but are now ready to plant some new ones. We can help you with all your planting needs. If you need a birch to a maple to a hedge we can assist on all types and sizes.

Free Estimate

Clear Cut Group is only an email or phone call away to assist you. We will take down your information and have someone call you to discuss your tree planting requirements. We may be able to provide general pricing to you but will ultimately need to visit your property for a proper estimate.


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Clear Cut Group

Clear Cut Group is fully bonded and insured – giving you peace of mind when were on your property. Our staff is also fully uniformed as well. With a professionally trained, years of experience and friendly approach – there’s simply no better choice then Clear Cut Group Tree Fertilization Service in Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Burlington, Milton and Georgetown.

Call us: 1.855.346.6533 or write to: info@treecareservice.ca

If your tree requires fertilizing Clear Cut Group’s Certified Arborists will determine the appropriate amount of fertilizer and nutrient levels to apply to your tree root system. Our Tree Fertilizing Team is trained to recognize and understand the proper maintenance required and tree fertilizing application process for your trees to ensure healthy growth. We use a deep root fertilization feeder that is able to reach deep into the soil as a mean of spreading essential nutrients to the roots.