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Tree fertilizing is important as it gives trees the added ability to ward off such things unwanted insects and pests, diseases and other natural stresses. Although tree fertilizing can’t solve all the issues surrounding trees it will greatly assist in its ability to continue to grow naturally and healthy. Clear Cut Group Tree Fertilizing Experts are Certified Arborists. A Certified Arborist is a qualified technician that has the equipment and knowledge to fertilize your trees in a safe and effective manner. Tree fertilizing involves the injection of quality nutrients directly into the soil as a means to reach the roots of a tree.

Do your trees need fertilizing?

To ensure healthy growth and the best chances for survival all trees should have the added advantage of minerals and nutrients through tree fertilizing. Because home owners enjoy all the benefits that trees have to offer in a suburban environment, many of the trees natural habitat settings have been removed. For example, in the fall, leaves are often raked-up from the area surrounding of a tree for which a tree would otherwise take advantage of the leaves natural benefits. Because of the various natural stresses that trees must overcome the need for tree fertilizing is more then likely necessary. Furthermore traditional urban landscapes don’t usually contain sufficient amounts of nutrients suitable for proper growth and development.

Any time of the year

Clear Cut Group Inc Tree Fertilizing Service can take place throughout any time of the year when the ground isn’t frozen. However, specific times of the year have added advantages with respect to the types and amounts of nutrients that can be applied. The application of greater amounts of nitrogen (N) based fertilizer throughout the early spring a summer months will benefit the tree much greater than in the fall.


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If your tree requires fertilizing Clear Cut Group’s Certified Arborists will determine the appropriate amount of fertilizer and nutrient levels to apply to your tree root system. Our Tree Fertilizing Team is trained to recognize and understand the proper maintenance required and tree fertilizing application process for your trees to ensure healthy growth. We use a deep root fertilization feeder that is able to reach deep into the soil as a mean of spreading essential nutrients to the roots.