Christmas Light Installation

Professional Christmas Light Installation

Complete Service

We can provide you all the lighting you need for the holiday season. From your traditional lights on houses to lighting up trees, we can do it all for you.

Purchase or Rental

We now offer a large rental pool of lights that we guarantee will be working until January 2018. Choosing a rental service doesn’t tie you down with 1 color scheme or the issue of aging lights and clips. It is all part of our service. We do offer purchase of the material if you do wish to go that route.

LED or Incandescent

LED lights have become very popular over the years due to the energy efficiency that comes along with them. We still offer the traditional incandescent lights that people have grew up with over the years.


We just need a picture of the front of your home so our office can mark it up to show you where we think the lighting will look good. Once we have that put together and you agree on the design we will provide you with all of our pricing for you to then sit back and enjoy the display over the winter.

Take Down Service

We offer a takedown service in the new year prior to Feb 14th (pending weather) . We strongly encourage clients to TAKE US UP on the TAKEDOWN SERVICE! The lights are not designed to be left up all year round. There are many reasons and our office can discuss that with you.


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